My style, your style... we all have one

What does it mean when you have writers block on your very first post of your brand new blog?... for me it means that there are so many ideas filling my head that I am not sure where to start. Which is a little ironic itself, because so many times thats the way we all start projects, isnt it? We have GREAT intentions to re-do our whole home, yard, office, life, ect.... but we cant figure out where to start so we put it off... and off... and off. Well no more procrastinating for me, let the creating begin!


Everyone has a style. Everyone. Even if you think you are one of those people who doesnt really have any style....well...thats your style. We all have one, they change over time, sometimes overnight, but our style is always uniquely ours. From what we wear to what we do and of course how we design all follow our unique personality which is our style. Here is a look at mine... people say opposites attract right?

 Vintage and modern.

 Rustic and clean

Bold and calm

 Add a little light blue and white,

 ...and a little do-it-yourself!

That's a little of what i like. What's your style?