The ceiling accent wall

I love the idea of accent walls. Sometimes you need one to add interest to a certain area. Sometimes we use them to anchor a certain peice of furniture like a bed or a large dresser. But sometimes we use them because we just want a little spice in our life.

Have you ever found an absolutely amazing wallpaper, but it was just too busy to  cover a whole room in?


Or maybe you have fallen in love with a certain paint color, like lime green or sun-flower yellow, but you think it might make you go crazy if you painted your whole living room that color?

           8 oz. Crisp Green Interior/Exterior Paint Tester # 410B-6         8 oz. Canary Song Interior Paint Tester         8 oz. Flamingo Dream Interior/Exterior Paint Tester # 140B-5

Well what about using your ceiling as the accent wall? That way the whole room gets a touch of the pattern or color you love (not just one area) but the space doesn't feel overwhelming.

My grandmother had a room with a wallpapered ceiling when we were growing up. The ceiling had this huge sunflower pattern on it. The room was so beautiful and so interesting. I cant wait to wallpaper a ceiling in my own house one of these days.