Ottoman Statement

Ottomans aren't just a place to rest your feet anymore. Many times an ottoman can act as the centerpiece of a room. In my last post I talked about how neutrals can be dramatic, well i think one of the best ways to make a statement in a living room or bedroom is to have a simple palate and then make a bold centerpeice out of a really interesting ottoman.

here is what I mean...

I love how this ottoman is still neutral, but the pattern makes it eye catching

What a fun pop of color!

This pattern makes this space light and fun. I love how they tied in the pattern with the pillows on the bed.

I also like it when ordinary items can be re-purposed in an interesting way, I think these coffee tables are really creative and can add a new level of interest to a space

This table is made from an old wood pallet. They added a glass top and casters. I think the casters are great because it would allow you to easily move this out of the way in case you needed to use your whole living room floor... which is really great when kids are at play or for a party.

this table is made from a window. I love how you can see beneath it to the magazines. A table like this could be used to display family photos or children's artwork... Or if you put the window on a hinge so that it opened, it would create a great place for books, magazines or the TV remote.