Easy and creative art for your home..

If you saw my post "Neutrals are the new color" then you know how stunning I think white on white can be. This crafty DIY project is personal and elegant all at the same time.

Here is what you need:

1. some sort of wooden board, it can be any size. (or painting canvas would work too)

2. wooden letters. you can find these at a craft store

3. hot glue

4. white paint

Its so simple! Just glue the wooden letters to the board. Let everything dry. Then paint the whole thing white. The subtleness of the white-on-white will be truly eye-catching.

helpful tips: use a ruler and pencil to draw guidelines on the wood prior to gluing the letters on in order to make sure your words aren't crooked or slanted.

also, spray paint will most likely be easiest, since it will go on smoothly and will cover everything evenly

I must admit I have not tried this project myself yet, but I am getting married soon and I can not wait to make some of this art for our new home!... I am thinking maybe a sweet saying about love like the ones above, or maybe our initials with our wedding date on it... hmm... I guess we will see.