Not your average jack-o-lantern

Happy Fall everyone! Since it is officially Fall now, and October, I decided it was a good time to talk about pumpkins. I love pumpkins, nothing says fall better than a pumpkin on the porch. And nothing is more fun than going to a pumpkin patch with friends to pick one out! (stay tuned for that post to come)

But just because pumpkins are traditional to fall doesn't mean you have to stay traditional with the way you use them. ย I think these are some great ways to spice up your everyday-front-porch-pumpkin for some fancy fall decor.

you could glue some black rhinestones to them

or paint them...

I love how they bedazzled this one and painted it white. Its like an elegant Halloween spiderweb.

Or monogram them. Or you could spell out a name, like your family's last name.

or carve your house number.

or you could just carve random holes in them and let the candle do the talking..