Cribs: SBD style

Since I tend to write about decorating and design styles that I love and that inspire me, I thought it only fair to share a little look into my apartment! It is my very first place of my own and I have had a blast putting my heart and soul into it. (keep in mind that I rent it, and I am just starting out... so i haven't had complete free reign of the place) Here it is:

Welcome to my home!

I love to read and I love photography. My picture collage and my built-in bookshelf are two of my absolute favorite parts of my apartment.

As many of you know, I went to Auburn University. I love old windows and my room mate gave my this one when I lived with her. I went to Samford Hall and took these photos at high zoom. Then got them printed and pieced the building back together like a puzzle. It was a really fun project and I just love this art now. :)

This is my tiny kistchen.. notice the crosses on the wall. These have now been replaced by another original SBD piece of artwork...

 This is a verse from the book of John. I glued book paged from Bible commentaries (no real bibles were harmed in the making of this artwork). And then painted the words on top and mod-podged the whole thing to seal it.

now... brace yourself for some ugliness... Disclaimer: I cant change these cabinets!!.. if I could I would :)

ewww ugly. Now moving on to my room

And thats it... humble beginnings right? Its small but I love it. This apartment has been just the right place for me the past year and a half. I love my neighbors and I love having a place to embrace my own style.. even if I cant make everything the way I want it. I really will be a little sad to move out when the next chapter of my life starts in April.