Pom-Pom Flowers and a little DIY

I dont know about you but I LOVE flowers. All kinds. {The best kinds are the ones that Matt brings me for no reason though} I also love decorating with them. Nothing brings a room to life like fresh flowers. They not only fill a space with color but also with their sweet scent. One type of flower I have been noticing a lot lately are what I like to call Pom-Pom flowers. (This is not their real name, i havent been able to find the correct name, so if you know it please let me know!)

Anyway, here is what I mean. I just love these. They are so simple and fun.

via Country Living

This is a picture I took in Chicago. {Click by the "see more photos" on the SBD sidebar to see all my photos}

Aren't these great? These last 2 are made from yarn... which means no watering, and they will never wilt :)

As I was getting inspired by these flowers I came across a great how-to for making your own at Domestifluff.com. I think these pom flowers would be cute to put in a window seal or on a breakfast table. I think I will keep an eye out for these flowers next spring for my desk.