Southern Living Showcase Home {part 2}

Yesterday I showed you the main floor of the Southern Living showcase home that just opened for tours here in Nashville. Now it is time for the upper level... are you ready? Time to head upstairs..

Here is a view of the floor plan:

Guest Bedroom: Accessible Beige, Sherwin Williams SW7036

The guest bedroom was probably my favorite in the house. Probably because it had the most similar design to what I like. The room was very soft and elegant, with touches of retro and antique. Its a little hard to tell from this angle but the artwork on the right wall are frames photos of Marilyn Monroe with each  in photo a different color. Also, the ceiling was painted pink to accent the pink colors used in the room. I am a big fan of painted or pattered ceilings.

Here is a better angle for the Marilyn photos

Here is a better angle of the painted ceiling. The color is Sherwin Williams, Gracious Rose SW7627. Also, don't you love that light fixture?

This is a photo of the guest bathroom. The mirror is made of distressed metal which adds a nice masculine touch to this rather feminine room.

Girl's Bedroom: Mellow Coral SW6324

I love the shabby chic style of the girls bedroom. Perfect for a preteen. This picture doesn't show it but there is a chandelier in the room which I think is perfect. It adds just enough girly whimsical-ness, but also some elegance for when she grows into a young adult.

Boy's Room: Industrial Whimsey SW6211

This room was given an "Around-the-wold-adventure" theme. On the far wall they incorporated some old suitcases and world map to incorporate the theme. This is a really great idea for a boy's room. I like how the designer kept the space true to what a young boy would like, but put a new angle on it rather than going straight for cars, trucks, or trains.

Here is a photo of the upstairs hall bathroom. I love the mirror... and it gives us a chance to continue our "Where's Sarah" game.

Media Room: Silverpoint SW7653

I loved the media room, it was spacious and very well designed. It had a built in sink, mini fridge and microwave area which I am sure will come in handy for watching movies and football games. The rug in this room was very interesting. It is an antique Egyptian rug that had been distressed so that it was faded to a more neutral color. This picture doesn't do it justice at all. I loves how you could still see the original pattern of the rug but being faded allowed it to blend with the room.

I was also a big fan of the curtains in this room:

The pull side of the curtains were embellished with a gross grain ribbon and large pearl buttons. It looked beautiful and I think it would be a really easy thing to do at home to give your own curtains a face lift.

Well that is the end of our tour, I hope you enjoyed it! What did you all think? I would love to hear your comments. If you live in Nashville you should go see the home, it will be touring for another week.