Dressy Dressers

I recently stopped by a flea market and found this really great dresser for $50. It was a little beat up but mostly in good shape. Unfortunately I wasn't able to bring it home, but it did get my creative wheels turning. One of my favorite parts about design is redoing something old and giving it new life. Anyway, I did a little searching around for some great dresser ideas, you know, for the next time I find a treasure at the flea market.

These are a little loud for my taste... but I do love the tassels as pulls. It adds a lot of drama. I also think its a great idea to push 2 identical dressers side by side to make one large dresser.

see what I mean?

I absolutely love the idea of painting a design on the drawers. Who says a dresser has to be one solid color anyway?


Did you get some ideas? Next time you are at a flea market or thrift store don't walk right by an old beat up dresser... you never know what a little face lift and some TLC will do.