Slammin' Interior Doors

If you are wanting to add some color to a room, or change the colors in a room... but you don't have the time or money to repaint, think about painting the doors inside your house. I have seen a lot of houses these days with really cute front doors painted, but we often forget about the interior doors. They don't all have to be the same...

See how these red doors become part of the design?

 Dont be afraid to go dark... especially if the room is bright

I love how rustic this one is... even though it is a neutral color, the texture of the door adds interest.

This is a repurposed barn door.

When to paint an interior door:

1. When you want to add interest or color into a space.

2. When you want to use a bright or really dark color in a room, but it might be overwhelming if used on the walls.

3. When you want to set a room apart. Example: a little girl's door could be pink

4. when you want something to get noticed that might be overlooked, like a pantry, or hall bathroom.