Mirror Mirror on the... Vanity?

One thing that can really spice up a room is a great mirror. Not only are they functional, but they create depth and light and definitely personality. Well, nothing (in my opinion) is more glamorous than mirrored furniture. I love mirrored furniture. Particularly when it had been antiqued... see for yourself:

This is what I mean by 'antiqued'

This round mirrored table is great, typically mirrored furniture is square.

As beautiful as mirrored furniture is, a lot of it can be really expensive. And even though I believe that investing in really great and timeless pieces of furniture is always a good idea, you need to protect your wallet too.

Which is why I did some searching.... and found a GREAT collection of mirrored furniture at Pier 1!! These pieces range from about $230-$600 and they look great.

I think these are gorgeous, and very affordable. I am sure you could find a tutorial online for antiquing mirrors if you wanted these pieces to look a little older.