Not Your Average Picture

Being the photographer that I am I am continually taking pictures. Sometimes I have a hard time narrowing down which pictures I want to display. So many of them inspire me or remind me of a special time, but if i am not careful I can end up with a house full of frames or a messy bulletin board that is jam packed with pictures. I started thinking and doing some research on better ways to display many pictures at once. I want to find a cute and clutter-free way to display photos that will allow me to trade out pictures whenever I want (without having to take the frame down and open it up and then re-hang the whole thing)

Here are a few of my ideas:

Clothes pics and wire?

or string?

This might be my favorite idea so far.

I like this a lot too. frame a board covered in fabric and then attach a clip. Simple and creative.

I have an old window that I use as a frame in my house. Although it is a little work to swap out pictured, it does allow me to display up to 6 at once... and of course it looks great too!