Flower Pin Tutorial

These are some pins that I have made for myself recently. I love accessorizing my outfits with them, so I thought I would teach you how to make some of your own.

Here is what you will need:

1. Polyester silk fabric in the color of your choice.

2. Candle (tip: it is best to use a new candle with a fresh wick. Older candles with previously burned wicks tend to smoke more which will stain your fabric)

3. Fabric scissors

4, Beads. I used pearl beads

5. String and a needle


Step 1. Cut the fabric into 3 circles. (Sizes: 2, 2.5, 3 inches)

Step 2. Hold the edge of each circle over the flame of your candle. Be careful not to burn the edge or yourself!

Once you have burned the edges of all 3 circles this is what you will have:

Next, hold all three in your hand and sew through the middle to secure them in place.

Then once you have sewn the flower in place, sew your beads in the middle to finish it.

I only did 3 layers for this one, but you could add more layers for larger and fuller flowers. Sew a pin or a hair clip to the back and you are all set!

These make great gifts for friends too! When I give these away I like to use them as part of the wrapping. I just pin it to the bow on the present and it looks great!

They look great on display too.

Happy flower making!