Christmas Wreaths

As many of you can probably already tell, I am a BIG fan of wreaths. I like them to decorate just about anytime in any part of the house. But of course, the holidays present the perfect time to bring out some new and festive wreaths. Here are a few Christmas ones that I have found recently:

This could be done with red carnations and a floral wreath form.

Cinnamon sticks. Wouldn't this make your house smell delicious?

Yarn balls.

I LOVE this idea for a kitchen wreath.

This one is made of burlap, but any fabric would work.

This would be a cute idea for a front door. It would work to do the letter of your last name, or even glue a few letters together to spell something like JOY.

I made a wreath of my own this Christmas, I am working on a tutorial that I will show you tomorrow!