Tutorial: Christmas Ornament Wreath

This Christmas I decided to make my own ornament wreath, and I must say, I am really excited about how it turned out!

Do you like it?

Here is how I made it: First I made the fabric ornaments.

1. Linen. White and grey is what I used.

2. fabric scissors

3. Straight pins

4. Staples

5. Styrofoam Balls (1 1/2" in size)


Step 1. Cut the fabric into long strips about 1/2" thick and 3 feet long.

Step 2. Use a staple to attach the end of the strip to the styrofoam ball. (The staple is flat and wont cause the fabric that wraps on top to bump up)

Step 3. Wrap the fabric around the ball until it is completely covered.

Then secure the end with two straight pins.

You could just stop there and use these as ornaments on their own. Just attach a loop of twine to the end and you'll have a cute fabric ornament to decorate with.


Anyway, back to the wreath, Now that the fabric ornaments are made, the real fun begins!

Here is what you need:

1. Hot glue gun

2. Foam wreath

3. Fabric ornaments (about 15)

4. Glass or plastic ornaments. About 1 inch in size. (I used gold, silver, pearl, and cream colors). You will need about 45-50, depending on the size or your wreath form.

5. Ribbon for hanging

6. White linen


OK, lets get started.

Step 1. Cover the wreath form in the white linen. This will hide the foam and also help the hot glue stick better.

Wrap until the whole wreath is covered.

Step 2. Remove the ends of the ornaments.

Step 3. Spread all of the ornaments out around the wreath. This will help you make sure the different colors are evenly distributed throughout your wreath.

Step 4. Glue the ornaments to the wreath. Make sure to let the hot glue on each ornament dry before moving on to the next one, otherwise they may shift.

Just keep on gluing....

And thats is! Attach the ribbon and hang it in your window. I hung mine in my kitchen window.