DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

Some of the best gifts (in my opinion anyway) are hand-made ones. It is so fun to receive something that is both unique and specially made for you from a loved one. Not to mention, it can be a money saver too. So, in the spirit of creativity, I did a little research and made a list of a few really great DIY gift ideas for this Christmas.

Click the links to go to each tutorial page.

Gathered Flower Pillow. Made by Emily at Jones Design Company

Braided Bead Necklace, by Ecab

Calendar Blocks, by Lark and Lola

Applique T-shirt, by Emily with Jones Design Company

Etched Glass Hot Cocoa Jar, by Oopsey Daisy

Ruffled Linen Garland, by Beautiful Nest

Yarn Wreaths, by Take Heart

Just a few ideas for your holiday gifts! I hope you enjoy.