Neutral Christmas

This year, white, gold, and silver are the new Red and Green. Well, not necessarily, but I do LOVE decorating for Christmas with a neutral pallet. I just love how elegant and sophisticated a pallet of white, pearl, gold, silver, and tan can be. Not that there is anything wrong with red and green of course... they are great too!... I just have a special place in my heart for neutrals. (see my previous post on decorating with them)

See how the different colors and textures work together?

Dont be afraid to add a little sparkle!

I love the texture that linen and burlap can bring to a design.

The rough twigs with ornaments on them are great. That is a fun idea for a mantle.

The pink adds a soft touch of color to the neutral pallet.

Or you can go gold.

Here is a gold, white and silver wreath I made for my own home.

I think neutrals for Christmas can be so pretty. Or even doing a partially neutral pallet with pops of red and green would be gorgeous too. What do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this decorating style.