Felt Loop Wreath Tutorial

I gave my future Mother-in-Law a felt loop wreath for Christmas, and I wanted to share with you how I made it. (She reads this blog so I have been waiting to post this tutorial)


Here is what you will need:

1. 1/2 yard of fabric (I used felt... you will need something sturdy and thick so that it will not flatten out)

2. Styrofoam wreath form (12 inches)

3. Scissors

4. Hot glue

5. Straight pins

6. 1-1.5 inch ribbon


Step 1. Cover the wreath form in fabric.

Step 2. Cut the fabric into 2.5 inch strips

Step 3. Start looping the fabric and attaching it to the wreath form with hot glue. You will need to hold each piece for a few seconds to make sure that the hot glue sets

Keep looping until you cover the whole thing. You will need to do 3-4 rows and then you might need to add a few filler loops for any gaps.

Last, pin a longer loop of ribbon into the back of the wreath form so that you can hang it.

This wreath takes a while to make, but it is pretty easy to do, and it will look gorgeous in your home.