Patterned Wood Floors

It has been a little while since I have written about any of the interiors that have been inspiring me lately. I guess between holiday decorating and festivities and my sudden burst of DIY projects I haven't taken the time to share whats been going on in my interiors world. Which is a shame really, because interiors is where my true passion lies.

Anyway, one thing that I have noticed in some of my recent research has been patterned wood flooring. I think it is interesting to use different grains and finishes of wood to make an elaborate floor because too often we resort straight to tile if we want any kind of pattern.

I love how rustic these panels are. This floor is so interesting because it is so bold with contrasting hues.

This geometric pattern is gorgeous.  And with a pattern this intricate the coloring is just right. If the two wood finishes were too similar the pattern would dissapear, but if they were to different it would seem chaotic.

So what do you think about using wood patterns in your flooring? I think it could be a great alternative to using tile or area rugs.