Decorating Through The Winter

Now that all of my Christmas decorations have been taken down and put away I feel like my house is a little empty. I guess I got used to having the little additions throughout my house. This got me thinking, what are some great ways to decorate in the winter without only using Christmas decor?

The other seasons seem easy:

Spring is easy, nature practically does the decorating for you.

Summer calls for lots of bright colors and natural light.

And the Fall if perfect for pumpkins, leaves, browns and oranges.

But winter seems to get a little stuck once Christmas is over. I started doing a little research to find ways to decorate for the winter, without having to leave your decorations up until March.

Plaid throws and table runners give a warm and cozy feel to a room. (Also, Using hollY leaves or fir branches are totally fine, just remove the red ribbon so it wont look quite so Christmasy.)

Home-made paper snowflakes can be really fun! They could be hung from a mantle or a window, or strung together as garland.

Burlap wreath to replace the Christmas one that had to be taken down.

Or you could use pine cones.

Use LOTS of candles.

And have plenty of knit throws and pillows around for curling up on the bed or sofa on a chilly day.

What are some ways you decorate for winter?