Kitchens In Black And White

This coming weekend I am having my first wedding shower! I am really excited! This shower is a kitchen shower. I cant wait to get all kinds of new things to fill out our future kitchen. I think for many homes the kitchen is one of (if not the most) important room in the house. I know my family spent a lot of time in the kitchen, cooking, talking, doing homework, or just hanging out. For those reasons, I think that designing your kitchen should be decorated in a way that is not only functional, but is also appropriate to the personality of your home and family.

I love this dining table. It just flows right in with the rest of the kitchen and it seems inviting for friends and family to take part in each meal.

This kitchen is nice and spacious with lots of storage. I love the retro tile backsplash that coordinates with the wood finish on the floor. Gorgeous. It gives the kitchen a touch of masculinity by using brown  with cream colors and the sharp lines in the tile and the island cabinetry.

I love how fun a quirky this kitchen is. The chalkboard would be perfect for drawing pictures, writing menus or grocery lists or even just leaving a sweet note for a family member.

This traditional kitchen gives off an italian vibe. Anyone up for a glass of wine and some pasta?

I love the contrast in this kitchen. Its masculine with the brick wall and rustic floor and light fixtures while staying feminine with white cabinets and lots of light.

This kitchen on the other hand... just screams of french country femininity... and I love it! I would love to just make some pastries in this kitchen al day long.

I think of all of the kitchens in this post... I might like this one the best. This dusty blue color is right up my ally. I want a combo of these blue cabinets with the layout of #1 and the masculine touch of #5. A girl can dream right?