The Bold And The Beautiful

I know that sometimes wallpaper gets a bad rep. Especially once it becomes out dated or starts peeling or has water damage. But, despite some of the hassle that goes into using wallpaper, it can really give a room a needed facelift. There are some great modern wallpapers available these days and when used in the right setting I think they can take a room from pretty to absolutely stunning. Here is what I mean:

The boldness of this wallpaper makes this room really pop.

This style is called Imperial Trellis

This is one of my favorites. I love how even though the pattern is large the color is still neutral so the room is not overpowering.

What do you think?


A few tips for using wallpaper in your home:

1. Dont be afraid to go bold or bright... but remember to use really bright or bold wallpapers in moderation. Maybe only paper an accent wall or the ceiling.

2. Geometric patterns are very pleasing to the eye and are the easiest to coordinate with other items in the room.

3. Large prints are fabulous! But if you are using a large scale print, I would recommend using a paper that has a lighter or more neutral color.

4. Pay attention to the scale of the room when choosing your wall paper. A larger room will be a better fit for a large scale pattern or a really bright/bold color. A smaller room might need a smaller pattern or a softer color.