Buy This Not That

I have been working with a few clients lately on redoing their bedrooms and in some of my research I have been finding lots of look alikes in furniture options out there.  Foe example, I might find a great peice that is too expensive for my clients budget, but most times I have been able to find something similar for much less. I guess that makes sense, if something is popular or on trend  other manufacturers will want to duplicate the style... this happens in fashion all the time.

Horchow- Wyatt Burlap And Leather Chair $3,249

Crate and Barrel- Leighton Side Chair $419 - T-stitch Natural Linen Dining Chair $182.99

Horchow- Hillcrast Bed $1,599-$1,829

Ikea- Lillesand Bed $179

Restoration Hardware- Dutch INdustrial Console $845-$995

World Market- Aiden Console Tabe $289

See what I mean? There are so many great options out there for designing on a budget. Of course, sometimes you will just need to save up and splurge on a really unique or special peice, but you can easily make up the difference by finding look alikes for other items.

Now there is no excuse not to start on that new design project you might be putting off, get out there and start bargain hunting!