Home-Made Valentines Decor

Valentines day is just around the corner... which means its time for a little decorating! I think decorating for Valentines day can be really fun... what better excuse do you need to fill your home with girly-ness? I have come up with a few, really cute and fun ways to decorate on a budget. The secret: Do-It-yourself.

Fill a candle vase with heart candy

Cut out X's, O'x and hearts from felt or paper and sew them together to make cute garland for your mantle or a window.

Make pretty heart ornaments from wax paper and crayons!

First, break up your crayons on a sheet of wax paper. Then cover with another sheet of wax paper.

Melt the crayons with an iron until they create a flat sheet.

Then cut the sheets into hearts and hang them on strings! This would be really fun to do with kids and will look beautiful if hung from a window so that the light could shine through them. via: Martha Stewart

Fill a vase with red roses and Red Hots! Hint: put the flowers in a smaller vase inside the larger vase.. then fill the red hots in between the two vases.

Make little hearts to attach to tea bads. Write a note on them for your special someone to find. :)