SBD Dream Home

Today is my birthday!! And as a little birthday treat for myself, I thought I would let my imagination run wild and design my dream home for all of you SBD readers!

If I were to design my dream home....

This would be my front door. Welcome to the Barksdale's!

I would drop my keys down on this beauty once I walked in the door.

And curl my bare feet into one of these fancy rugs.

I would kick my feet up and enjoy a magazine or a good book here.

and maybe have my handsome husband build me a fire in there.

THIS is where I would channel my inner chef

But I would have these fantastic double sinks.

Then I would enjoy a meal with my family here.

I would LOVE to have a bathroom like this one. Look at those floors! And the blue walls...

But I would add this tub to it! (This is so dreamy)

Annnnd this AMAZING vanity!

In this bed is where I would lay my head. Oh what a princess bed this is, I am enamored with this canopy.

But I would style the bed a little more like this.

This would be my desk in my home office. Who wouldn't want to work (and blog) here?

Then I would relax the day away with  Matt on a porch like this.

Man that was fun! Thanks for going on a virtual tour of my dream home with me!