Great Idea for Photos

I was browsing the internet earlier this week and came across this picture:

I love how these photos are being displayed in this room! I like it for a couple reasons; for one, the frames are all different and unique, yet they are similar in color and size so they don't compete with one another.

Second, I love how these photos are in the cornerย of the room. We hardly ever see this happen. I guess it is natural to decorate a room from the center of a wall out.... leaving the focus on the middle of the room and the corners get a little left out. This design is brilliant to me, it utilizes the space and creates a cozy "nook" feel between the windows, but without using curtains which always seems to be a go-to (a go-to that I really like though).

Third, I really like this style of hanging the photos. By hanging them from a track you have more freedom for adjusting and changing the photos without nailing a million holes in the wall. And it unifies the photos because they all have the same origin.

I just thought I would share my thoughts with you on this. What do you think about this display/