A Little Post-Valentine's Day Inspiration

Ok, I know Valentines day is over, but I just HAD to share this artwork with you. My neighbor (who I was babysitting for) is very creative, she used to be a graphic designer and her house full of great artwork. Well take a look at what her and the girls made to hang above the desk in their kitchen for Valentine's Day this year:

How awesome is that giant heart??! It is made from over-sized tissue paper flowers. The dimensions are about 4 feet x 4 feet. They cut a large heart out of poster board (using 2 posters) and then made the flowers to attach.(I am not 100% sure how the flowers were made, my neighbor explained it but I am going to get her to help me make some next year and I'll give you guys a tutorial on it). Then they added a loop of ribbon to the back once it was finished so that it could be hung. I think this is just darling and so creative. It makes such a nice piece of art for the wall... but is still different from a wreath!