Spice It Up: Color Inspiration

As many of you know I am a big fan of using neutrals in my design pallets. I love having a backdrop of neutrals and using contrasting textures and darks and lights to add interest. However, lately I have been really inspired by color. Although I am still not one to go overboard on using color I am starting to embrace it more and more. I will be moving into a new apartment in 2 weeks!... And I am hoping to spice it up a little bit more in the new place!

Here is a little bit of my inspiration lately:

I love these colorful matted black-and-white photos! Its interesting to add the pop of color in the mat rather than the photo itself.

I want to have the guts to paint a dresser this bright one day! Baby steps though...

Who wouldn't want to come home to this cheerful door?

Books are a really great way to add color. If you have a lot of books, and particularly colorful ones, why not display them and let them brighten your space?


Here are a few of the color pallets that have been inspiring me lately too:

Tip: whenever I get inspired by a design, idea or trend I try to keep a photo of it in a place that I will see it a lot. That way my inspiration will stick with me and continue to influence my designs for a while.