Friday Eye Candy

Man what a week! I have been having a great time in Grand Rapids but my trip has worn me out. We have been going non-stop with new product development and design strategies. But after working so hard in the commercial interiors world all week what I really want need is to kick back with a cup of coffee and catch up on some of my residential design inspiration. (Really, its like therapy for me. haha)

Here is some of my Friday eye candy:

L.O.V.E this kelly green island

This headboard is absolutely beautiful in real life too. One of my clients recently started redoing her bedroom and now has this headboard and I love how it looks in her space. We have been working on finding the perfect mirror for it.

I think it is so great when an oversized piece can be used to make a statement.

I like this gold and grey.

This is a great idea! Use a open bookshelf as a room divider... that way the spaces on either side of the bookcase can enjoy the art of the books without being completely cut off... but still retaining some division.

This tile pattern is FABULOUS!

I hope you have enjoyed this friday inspiration! Have a great weekend.