Shopping Spree

Last week (before I left for Michigan) I went to check out a furniture store near my house called Nadeau. I am moving into a new apartment NEXT WEEK and I need a few things so I thought I would check it out. Nadeau is great! They have awesome, unique pieces and fantastic prices!! Any of you who live in Nashville, go check it out.

I only ended up getting 2 bedside tables, because that is really what I was shopping for, but I couldnt resist taking some photos of my favorite items. Here are my finds:

Haha I just couldn't help getting in a picture... I do love this light wood mirror though.

This piece is so interesting to me. It almost seems like old trunks.

I got in another picture!

These end tables were really cool with their reclaimed wood look.... but I didnt get them.

These were the tables that I got! What do you think?