I Spy.... Poppies

With Spring approaching I am so excited for the flowers to start blooming! Nashville does a great job of planting tons of flowers around downtown (I'll make sure to take some pictures this year). One of my favorite flowers are poppies. I love the mix of pink, orange, yellow and coral that they bring. I would love to be able to have fresh poppies on my table this Spring... but unfortunately they are not so easy to come by.

But just because poppies are not super common in the grocery store, doesn't mean we can use their color for inspiration!

This is a great punch of color.

If you need a subtle way to add a pop of color, try trading out some of your matting in photo frames. That way you can still have some color, but still keep the frames neutral and surrounding furniture neutral.

This is cute how they coordinated the comforter, lamp shade, Roman shades, book and even the slippers!

Peek-a-boo pantry! I am also a big fan of colored chalkboard paint like they have used here. Who says chalkboards have to be black anyway?

Poppies go so well with so many colors, I am liking the gold accents and light blue in this room.