Decorating with Art and Prints

Last weekend was moving weekend for me! I am officially in my new apartment, and all I need is for Matt to move in about 6 weeks from now! Anyway, our new place has a TON more wall space than my last place. So I have been brainstorming ways to decorate the walls without just framing a million wedding pictures (not that I wont still frame a ton of Wedding shots too)

So here are a few inspirational idea I have come up with (cheap ideas of course, gotta stay on a budget)

Frame botanical prints. You coud easily buy an inexpensive botanical calendar, and frame the pictures. Then the prints would all be the same size.

or old city prints

This is awesome, especially if you are into music! Blow up some sheet music to poster size and frame it.

Maybe I could find a cool map to frame. My parents have one framed at our farm of the Mountain our land is on.

I love this! (pun intended). I really do like the idea of framing a word, saying or verse.

Or maybe I can find (or make) some abstract art to frame.

Remember, you can always frame posters or wallpaper too... just because something is printed cheaply doesn't mean it will look cheap if placed in the right frame.