Spring has SPRUNG!

Happy Spring everyone! I can't speak for all parts of the country but here in Tennessee Spring has arrived in full force!!!

And I am loving it! The flowers in the village near my house are starting to pop up and all of the Bradford Pear trees are blooming. Nashville is GORGEOUS! 


Let me just give a quick apology for my lack of posting last week... I try my best to stay on top of it and bring all of you some great ideas on a regular basis but last week just got away from me. I moved into my new apartment and then I went to Birmingham to be a bridesmaid in one of my best friends weddings! It was all a blast, but I was also on the move from sun up to sun down everyday. With that being said: I can't wait to show you some "before" pictures of my new apartment and share with you some of my ideas for the place! Be looking for some posts on my new place soon.


Ok, now back to Spring. Look at this fun picture that I came across the other day:

 Wouldn't you just feel so bright and happy if you walked these stairs everyday? I would love to have a beach house that I coud do this to. Or maybe a child's playroom... and the stairs leading to it could be fun and bright like this.  Another idea would be to use this same concept with neutrals, like creams and blues and browns, if your home wasn't quite the right fit for a rainbow of color.