Easy Easter DIYs

Easter is right around the corner! I put out a few easter decorations this weekend, but in the midst of wedding planning and moving I have not been able to do the decorating that I wish I had. Anyway, here are some DIY Easter decor ideas for you this year if you want to bring a little Easter cheer into your house!

Blow up some small balloons. Then dip colorful yarn in glue and wrap it around the balloon. Once everything is dry, pop the balloon and you will have some fun Easter eggs! (I want to try this one soon)

I like how they hung them. This could make great mantle garland!

I LOVE this idea! Fill a jar or vase with small eggs for a pretty table arrangement.

Or use Jelly Beans for a similar effect!

This garland would be SUPER easy to make. Just get some paint cards from a hardware store and cut them into egg shapes, punch a hole in the top, and string them with yarn.

I am so excited for Spring!