Easter Eggs

One thing you may not know about me is that I LOVE dying Easter eggs! Maybe it is the craftiness in me that loves it, but I think the bigger reason is that growing up my parents made a HUGE deal out of dying eggs. It was a big event at our house. We would invite some other families over and have 6 different dying stations and probably 100+ eggs. We would get out the hot glue and construction paper and pipe cleaners... the works. It became sort of a competition for who could come up with the funniest egg design, and then of course the winner would gain bragging rights at church the next morning.

Well those days are sadly gone, but I still love to dye eggs (although, I keep it a lot more simple these days haha). My sister is coming to visit this weekend, and me, her and Matt are going to dye some of our own after church on Sunday. I am trying to decide what sort of eggs I want to design this year...

My go-to design has always been the striped/tye-dye eggs. Just wrap a rubber band around your egg before putting it in the dye and wherever the rubber band touches the egg will stay white.

or maybe I could try something more fancy like these.... I guess I could use paint for the design or that little wax crayon that comes with the dye kits.

I REALLY want to try using natural dyes like these eggs above (but I dont think I will tackle that challenge this year) Basically you use natural ingredients to create the dyes. For example, my neighbor (the one who made the awesome Valentines day heart) does this with her kids every year, she will boil different veggies and spices and then dye her eggs with them. They always turn out in the prettiest and softest colors. Purple cabbage was my favorite last year, the eggs turned a really bright indigo blue color.

Or I could go the less organic route and glitter my eggs... (but I think this would be way too messy for me)

Do any of you dye eggs at Easter? Next year (when I dont have a wedding 2 weeks away) I want to put up a few more Easter decorations and make a wreath for my door. I am thinking something similar to one of these: