Update: Industrial Bedroom

I am working with a friend on his new bedroom and we are giving it an industrial theme. I wanted to update you all on the progress of the design.

Phil found antique files for one of the bedside tables and an old trunk for the other

For the desk area, we were able to find an old Steelcase desk (I got a kick out of this because I sell new Steelcase furniture all the time at work).

Luckily, Phil is super handy and was able to wire up this light using an old barn light from the flea market and a pulley system.

Phil also installed these shelves that are built from reclaimed and re-stained wood.

Phil also built a bed which is stained the same color and used pipes for the legs. We still need to style the walls, find some sort of a bookshelf and make window coverings. For the windows we are thinking of making Roman shades that will fit right inside the window frame, we just need to find the right fabric first. I am thinking something dark (to blend in with the dark wood window frame) with a military feel, like a hunter green or steel gray. Maybe something similar to army canvas.