Spice It Up!

Do yall ever feel like you just need to spice things up? I get that way sometimes, like I just need to change something or come up with a new creative idea for a space. I think I get that way when I havent had a chance to create anything in a while. Well, here are a few, quick, easy, cheap ways to spice things up around your house (using stuff you probably already have)

Use a cake stand as a perfume/makeup/jewelry tray on your vanity (I mean how often ar you really using your cake stand anyway?)

Make some fun new coasters from Scrabble pieces! (even if you dont own the game, I bet you could buy some of these letters online pretty cheap)

I LOVE this idea!!! Dip the ends of your wooden cooking utensils in paint and ta-da!!... instant funky new utensils!

Use the end of a rake as a jewelry hanger.

This is a GREAT idea too! Use an old drawer and hang it vertially on a wall. Then put cork board in the back and cover the cork with fabric and you'll have a cute new bulletin board/shadow box!