The Countdown Is ON!!

This is sort of how I feel right now....

Hahaha. ok, not really. Maybe it is more like this....

I am going a million miles an hour right now! But, at least its all fun stuff I am working on! My apologies if my posting this week is a little slack, once the next two weeks are over I will be back in full force with all kinds of details about the wedding and my new job! So be looking forward to that.


Anyway, we FINALLY moved Matt's furniture into our apartment this weekend (poor guy is having to sleep on an air mattress at his house all week). But our bedroom looks great! I am so glad to se that it looks like an actual room now and not just a storage room with random stuff stacked on the ground.

Cute huh? I'll show more pictures when I do a home tour later on. But this is just a little sneak peek :0