DIY: Metal Frame Bed

I know by now, many of you are familiar with the industrial bedroom project I have been working on. Well, as I promised in this post, here are some details about how Phil made the metal frame bed for his room. Enjoy this guest post written by Phil himself:


After finding this plan online, I decided to modify it to fit with the industrial theme (and to make it a bit more manly). Here’s a link to the original plan, which is very similar to the bed I made:

 I built the same basic platform as the bed found in the above link, with slats added since I do not have a box spring.

I added iron pipe legs and painted them multiple shades of green and a rusty copper color, then distressed the paint with steel wool to create an old machine shop look.

After attaching the legs to the platform, I distressed the wood with a chain, a hammer, and a hatchet. This caused the wood stain I applied later to pool up in the marks I made, giving the bed an old, worn look.

All in all, I think the bed definitely has an industrial feel to it, and the dark color stain matches the door and window trim stain perfectly.