A Little Weekend Spruce-Up

Well as many of you know Matt and I both love our apartment, but we are still trying to get settled in. This weekend I finally had some time to do 2 of the projects on my to-do list and I am SO pleased with the way they turned out!

First on my list was to make a table runner for our kitchen table:

I received the vase and the tray as wedding gifts and thought they looked so great on the table.... but I knew I needed to make a runner to tie the whole table together a little more.

And the best part is.... I made it reversible!

That way I can switch out the look depending on the season.

This project was super easy! All I did was cut the fabric to the size I wanted for my table, and hot glue (yes, HOT GLUE) the edges under to kind of "hem" them.

I got the fabric from Fabric.com  UH-284 Premier Prints, Chipper black/denton

I also recovered a table in our living room:

The table is just an unfinished wood table that was a hand-me-down from my parents. It had a really ugly brown fabric cover on it before that was left over from when I used this table in college.... and I LOVE the way it turned out!

All I did was cut out the top (leaving a 1" boarder overhang on all sides. Then I took the rest of the fabric and hot-glues it around the perimeter (turning the edge under to give it a hemmed look) and then I cut the bottom to the right height and flipped it under so the unfinished edge wouldn't show. It was really easy and turned out great! I also had some fabric left over for a few accent pillows!