I love Spring. I love when the weather gets warmer and summer is just around the corner. I especially love taking walks after work with Matt and looking at all of the flowers in full bloom. Although, tulips are still my favorite flower... I think hydrangeas have to be a very close second. I LOVE how big they get and how vibrant their colors are! I dream about having a back yard full of hydrangea bushes like this one day (and front garden with tulips of course).

But until the day when I have a back yard all to myself, I am just going to have to decorate with some hydrangeas inside my house!

Hydrangeas of ANY color make for GREAT interior accessories:

I love how easy it is to use a few hydrangeas to fill a vase on a table.... or use a big bundle of them to fill a large bucket or planter like this one.

I am loving this arrangement of hydrangeas AND tulips. :)