DIY: Basket Weave Bulletin Board

I am a big fan of bulletin boards. I love having a place to pin reminders, pictures and notes. In fact, I depend on bulletin boards for inspiration a lot. However, I am NOT a fan of plain old school style boards with no style or design. So, I like to find ways to jazz them up a bit like painting them or covering them with fabirc.


Here is my latest bulletin board project: Basket Weave Bulletin Board

Here is what you will need:

1. Bulletin board (preferably one without a frame)

2. Fabric- (It is best to use one without a pattern, or at least with a simple or small pattern. The basket weave will create a sort of pattern of its own. I used cream colored burlap)

3. Hot glue

4. Tape measurer

5. Scissors


Step 1: Cut 2 panels of your fabric. One panel will fit the board vertically (like above) and the other panel will fit the board horizontally. Leave about 1 inch of extra fabric on each end. Glue one end all the way across for each panel, leaving the other end loose.

Step 2: Measure and mark equal sections of your fabric for cutting the strips. The size of your strips will just depend on how busy you want the weave to look... keep in mind whatever increment you use for 1 panel of fabric you need to use for the other as well. I used 3" strips.

Step 3: Cut the strips, try to keep them as straight as possible, although it does not have to be completely exact.

Step 4: Start weaving! I think it is easiest to lift up every other panel vertically, then lay one horizontal strip all the way across the board, then move the vertical strips back in place and repeat the process.

Keep Weaving!

Step 5: You will need to hot glue the finished ends under. (Do NOT flip the whole board over... I tried that and had to start over because the weaves moved). Put a strip of hot glue on the under side of each fabric strip one by one and then turn the strip under to secure.

Step 6: Hang the board and put pictures on it! I just nailed straight through the board with a thin nail... I nailed right into one of the creases in the fabric wo that i could shift the fabric around a little and hide the nail.

(sorry for the yellowish picture... the lighting in my hallway isn't great at night. The walls are actually cream and match the cream color of the burlap)