Summer In A Bottle

I was reading through Country Living magazine this weekend and I stumbled upon this picture...

(as you can see I tore the page out and folded it in my purse... thats the story of being a designer. I always have random magazine clippings on hand haha)

Anyway, I LOVE how they show a combination of jars of shells and vials of sand, each labeled by what beach they came from and dated. What a GREAT way to make a little keep-sake from a beach trip?! Why didn't I see this BEFORE my honeymoon... of well.

So, here is my challenge to you this summer... why not make a jar like this and start your own family tradition of keep-sakes from beach trips? Before long you will have a shelf full of them and they make such darling and personal accessories!

You can find all kinds of bottles and vials from, and best of all they are cheap!

Or if you want to get a little fancier with it, West Elm has some great bottles right now too!