I Spy... Nailhead

Lets talk about embellishment a little bit...

One of my FAVORITE ways to spice up a piece of furniture is to add some nailhead trim to it!

Sometimes, you just can't afford to reupholster a chair... or you have a headboard that you love, but it just seems a little blah. Well, grab a hammer and some nailhead trim and get to work!

You can hammer it into an upholstered piece OR into wood. It is perfect for outlining an item to add some drama. See how the shape of this chair pops once the nailhead is outlining it?

Adding nailhead about 2 inches in from the edge gave this headboard a really nice framed border look.

Same effect here on these tack boards

Nailhead doesn't just have to border or outline, it can be used to create patterns and designs too

I love the intricate patterns on this desk and dresser

see the detail on the ottoman here?

The best part is that nailhead looks great and expensive, but it is pretty easy to DIY. You can find the trim at some hardware stores and most fabric stores, and of course you can find it online. All you need is to do once you have your trim is to plan out your pattern and nail it in!