Old To Gold

When my grandmother moved out of her house I snagged a few things from her, one of which was this ceramic boot planter

Even though it is meant to be a small planter, I use it as a bookend for my bookshelf. I just love this little cowboy boot, i think it is so cute and appropriate (I do live in Nashville after all).

However, I do NOT love the color. The muddy green and brown tones just seem a little too blah for my colorful bookshelf:

See what I mean? So I went down to my neighborhood art supply store to see what color paint might strike my eye.

I settles on this deep maroon-purple with gold on top. I loved thew idea of painting the boot in gold, but I thought it might look a little more antique if the maroon color showed through in a few places where the gold paint was thin. I just used my finger to paint the boot since I wanted to be able to smudge the paint a little as I applied it.

I am really happy with how it turned out!