DIY Bow Pillows

My Living room is slowly getting a facelift. Now that I have gotten our slip covers in place and recovered the end table, I have been on the hunt for new throw pillows. This weekend I was able to get started on the 2 main Euro pillows for the large sofa.

I call these The Bow Pillows. What do you think? Believe it or not, these were not even that hard to make!

Here is a semi-tutorial for you: this is what you will need.

1. Main Fabric (I did large 25"x25" pillows so I needed 4 yards)

2. Fabric for bows (My bows were 13"wide by about 20" long and I needed 2 yards)

3. Thread (to match the bow color, and to match the pillow color)

4. Fabric scissors

5. Straight pins

6. Sewing machine

7. Tape measurer

8. Pillow forms (or batting if you want to stuff it)


First... make sure you have plenty of room to spread out and an adequate table to do your sewing. DOn't worry if you don't have an actual sewing table, your kitchen table will work. Or your could do what I did...

I just moved my ironing board into the living room and it worked great as a make-shift sewing table!

Step 2. Measure out your pillow sizes, and cut the fabric to the right size (keep in mind you will need to leave a little space, about 1/2" on all sides for the seams)

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are using pillow forms you need to anticipate making your actual pillow 1 inch smaller than the form so that the pillow form will fill out your pillow. For example: My pillow forms were 26"x26" square... so I needed my pillow to be 25"x25"... so I cut my fabric to be 26x26 (in order to have 1/2" on all sides) so that once I sewed the seams the pillow would be 25x25.

Step 3. Cut your Bows out. Each bow is made from a rectangular panel of fabric. I wanted mine to be large so I made them 13x20". I laid them across the pillow squares to make sure they were the size I wanted.

Next, you will need to hem 3 sides of each panel. (hem both long sides and one of the short sides... the other short side will be sewn into the pillow so you don't need to hem it)

I double hemmed my fabric under so that the raw edge wouldn't be visible.

Step 4. Sew the un-hemmed edge of your bow panels into the pillow, place them a few inches from the top of the pillow (the amount of space from the top will depend on the size of your pillow). Do this by laying the bod panels inside your pillow squares and pinning all sides together.

IMPORTANT NOTE: your pillow squares need to be "inside out" at this point. have the front of each square of fabric facing the "inside" of the pillow. Once you sew the edges you will flip the pillow inside out and the seams will then be on the inside.

ANOTHER NOTE: Completely sew 3 sides of the pillow, but on the 4th side (bottom side) only sew 2 inches from each corner. Leave the middle of the 4th side open. This is where you will flip the pillow case inside out and also where you will insert the pillow form after everything is sewn

See how you can tell that the bottom edge of this pillow has only been sewn a few inches in from each side but the middle is still open?

Next, stuff your pillow form inside the pillow case that you have just made. Once you have the form inside the pillow the way you want it, stitch up that opening. You will need to hand stitch this part so that you can make sure the seam is on the inside of the pillow.

Step 5. Make a mock bow over the pillow by folding the bow panels over each other... Do NOT tie them together.

See how I only laid one panel over the other?

Step 6: Make your bow "knot". This is basically just a loop of fabric that will be the center of your bow and hold the panels in place.

Start by deciding the width you want the knot to be. I decided on 3 inches. Then cut a small panel of fabric that is DOUBLE the width that you want the knot.

Next, fold the panel in half and sew 3 sides of it (the same way you sewed the pillow), then flip it inside out to hide the seam.

Then, loop the knot around the center of your bow to determine how long it needs to be. Then cut it to size and sew the ends together to make a loop. Then slide the ends of your bow panels through the loop to finish the bow!

Ta Da!! Thats it! Now enjoy your fancy new Bow Pillows!

Leave me a comment if you have any questions and I will do my best to help you understand.