DIY: 3form Coasters

In case you missed my past a few days ago on my living room updates, I talked about some coasters that I have that aren't actually coasters, but samples of a resin material used in commercial design called 3form.

Anyway, as promised. Here is a little tutorial on how to make your own:

Go to the 3form samples page

Now you will be able to choose what type of samples you want. I recommend the Veria Ecoresin (plastic resin) samples or the Pressed or Poured glass ones for coasters. But you can always mix and match, just hop around on the site until you fins some that you like!

You will need to order samples, it is $4.24 for a 4x4 sample

Here are a few of my favorite ones...

These are all from the Veria Ecoresin category.

Once you have ordered some of your favorites they are all ready to be used, but if you want them to look more like an actual "set" of coasters that belong together you can paint the rim of each one. I painted mine in gold but you could do any color, really, I just think having the edges in the same color makes them look a little more finished and less like samples of materials.

Have fun!