Gallery Walls: Layering

If there is one thing I think every home needs, it would be some sort of a gallery wall. There are dozens and dozens of ways to set up a gallery wall, using photos or art or prints, or sometimes even just empty frames! Anyway, I was looking for some framing inspiration for a project and ran across this photo:

I love the boldness going on here! I also love how they made the prints interesting by stacking the pink mats in a sort of "Z" pattern.

This photo got me thinking about other ways to use frame to create a cool pattern within a gallery wall.

I like how this one used a mix of tan mats in wood frames and whit mats in black frames, but they mixed and matched the sizes and thicknesses of both the frames and the mats.

Same goes with this one. They even layered frames over other frames if you look closely, thats kind of a neat idea too.

The main things to remember when creating a taller wall are:

1. Don't over do it. If you want to have a lot of difference sized frames in lots of different color, keep the actual photos or art within the frame simple.

2. Likewise, if your art is crazy, then tone it down on the frames and use more basic or plain frames and mats.

3. Try to keep something consistent in the gallery... whether it be all black and white photos, or the same color frame, or use the same sized frames (like a small, medium, large size or all one size). Having some sort of consistency throughout makes the wall seem more congruent and thought out rather than seeming chaotic.

4. PLAN ahead! Lay out your frames on the ground in the arrangement you want before hanging them on the wall. Measuring the placement helps a lot too. It might take more time to plan, but you will end up with a better result and have WAY less holes in your walls since you won't be making mistakes.

This isn't a gallery wall but I thought this was such a fun way to display photos in sort of a series. West Elm has awesome recycled glass vases that look just like these.