Flea Market Find

Nashville has a really great, big flea market every last weekend of each month. We went this past weekend just to look around and I found this old church pew for $100! What a steal! I bought it for our dining room. One wall of our dining room is completely open, but needed something narrow since that wall acts as the walkway between the living room and kitchen. The pew fits great and I love it! (Matt wasn't thrilled about it at first, mostly due to trying to get it home from the flea market, but he is coming around now that we got it cleaned up and put in place)

I love how rustic it is, but it definitely needs some pillows to make it look a little more finished. I really want to bring some color into the room with the pillows though, since as of now, there is practically NO COLOR at all in there. See photos here.

Anyway, I love, love, LOVE this Katie Ridder fabric called Leaf.

But unfortunately it is about $200/yd. I thought this might be a good close second:

Its from Fabric.com and only around $20/yard. Much more affordable, but I don't love it as much. Here are a few other fabrics from fabric.com that caught my eye.

I really love this one, those colors are so warm and inviting.

This one would look great with one of those big sunbursts centered on a 20" square pillow.

I am going to keep looking a while longer before I make my final decisions, I just couldn't wait to share my awesome market find with you!