Attention To Detail: Using Trim

I try very hard to pay close attention to details in my designs. Adding even a small detail can take a design from flat and average to punchy and custom-looking. Using contrast trim is one really basic way to add a punch to a design.


This otherwise plain headboard looks much more put together with a border of nailhead trim

This sofa would look a little plain and flat in solid pink if it weren't for the contrasting trim in black


Likewise, this blue chair has a lot more personality with the white trim. I also love the thick trim down the side and bottom of the curtain.


These curtains are really fun with horizontal trim 1/3 of the way down.

Curtains are probably the easiest thing to spice up with trim. It is SO simple to pick up some generic curtains and add a band of trim down the edges. Instantly plain Ikea curtains can look custom; like they were tailored specifically for your room and probably cost a fortune... but hey what your neighbors don't know won't kill them right? Now that you know this little secret, there is no excuse to have flat, boring curtains in your home anymore.


ok, moving on:

These pillows look so great the way they have matching trim. It really ties the bed together.


Painting the casing in a room can really add an interesting and playful design element to the space...

Or be really chic! depending on the colors and feel you are going for.

I saved the best for last here... I love how they used a different color tile to "trim" the tile wall in this bathroom. Not only does it tie in the black and white theme they have going on, but it also makes the room pop and brings the eye upward highlighting the gallery wall above.